Our most asked question: Why do we work with Expats?

Welcome to this space.  We hope you find yourself welcome. Here at Pampeliska, we are always ready to meet new people. Maybe you find that this new life in Bogota is a little overwhelming?  

I mean, meeting new people is always a challenge.  Maybe this is your first time living overseas, or maybe this is your 6th. Either way, it can be exhausting meeting new people, learning a new city, or creating a new home. I can completely relate. After living in Bogota for the past 5 years, I have learned a few things about people coming and going. I know that often, even if you have chosen this nomad life, it’s so hard to be present, to live fully in your new home. We are here to help.


When my business partner, Ana, and I were discussing where to begin with this idea, I kept stating things like: “I wish I would’ve known” or “When I first moved here, I didn’t know…” or “After 5 years, I finally understand…”

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