Bogotá, Colombia

About Us

Meet the Team


Ana Pachón

Interior Designer

A graduate of the Interior Design Institute, Ana has an eye for detail and a care for her clients. She is eager to step out of this world and into the realm of creativity with you! Ana’s choice style is Scandinavian with a chic twist. Ana and her husband live in Cajica with their two boys. She spends her time hunting design bargains, imagining the creative space, eating chocolate and traveling with her husband. Ana, a native Colombian who has returned to her home country, has lived in the states for 10 years and speaks fluent English. Ana is often found serving others and pointing people to Christ.


Lauren Becker

Interior Stylist

A seamstress from a humble start, has grown her small town sewing company into a partnership with Ana. Lauren, a mother of three and married to an amazing man, is originally from a small southern town outside of Houston. Her home reflects a farmhouse Rustic style. She enjoys sitting with her sewing machine and making new creations, eating mint chocolate chip ice cream, snuggling with her children, and serving Christ.




Angela Floyd

Administrative Assistant

Angela grew up 30 miles south of Atlanta, Georgia. Angela loves working with her hands and in her spare time can be found knitting. She loves Jesus and Crossfit and is who we call on to help with anything in the number's world. Pampeliska would be lost without her! Angela is a unique addition to our group. She has previously worked as an executive assistant in real estate and later for a non-profit. Angela is a Mom and missionary wife who speaks Spanish and loves her family.




Mauricio Parada


Mauricio, a new father to his baby girl, Lucy, and a loving husband to his beautiful wife, Liz, is a Bogota native. Mauro likes to bike in his spare time. He is an expert in painting and is our problem solver! Mauricio takes the lead on how to do a project and is always ready with a solution to our design problems. Mauricio is a humble man that follows Jesus, and is a crucial asset to Pampeliska's success.





Luis Parada


Lucho, Mauricio's older brother, is married to Laila Maria and has 3 grown children. Lucho is the most noble and kind of his 5 brothers and sisters (according to his brother, Mauro). What a great example of Jesus we have in Lucho. He is a painter, flooring expert, and hardworker.


Marcelina Sosnowska


Mace, married to her best friend, Jerson, loves her job of capturing beautiful things on camera. She was born in Poland, but she has lived in many places: Barcelona, London, Los Angeles, Portugal, Budapest, and Bogota. She speaks 4 languages, including English and Spanish. Mace is always looking for a creative picture and doesn't rest till she finds it. She gives a unique perspective to Pampeliska as she is always in pursuit of the story our client is trying to tell.